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Frequently Asked Questions

Same Dedication. Bigger Family. The merger of two great banking institutions — Rose Hill Bank and American State Bank — creates a larger, more innovative bank with the customers best interest in mind. Please contact us with any questions. Here are a few common questions and answers that may be helpful.

Q. Why is Rose Hill Bank merging with American State Bank?

A. The two banks have had common ownership for several years under the financial holding company of American State Bancshares, Inc. Formally merging the banks creates efficiencies for both banks and expanded services for all customers.

Q. How will the merger affect my accounts?

A. Rose Hill Bank customers can expect most things to remain the same, including account numbers, branch locations/hours and services available. All customers will receive expanded online and mobile banking options.

Q. Will the merger change anything about my local branch and services?

A. Because American State Bank is now one bank with 16 locations across the state, customers will experience more convenience — from ATM access to fund transfers and beyond. And, as a larger bank, American State Bank will be able to expand its commercial and personal banking services and deliver better solutions to all our customers.